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What is Hypnosis & Hypnotism?

Become A Certified Fitness Hypnotist™

Become the leading authority for hypnotic weight loss in your region (before someone else does.)

As a certified Fitness Hypnotist™ through The Optimal Performance Institute, you’ll be joining a new, elite community of hypno-therapists, and Neuro-Linguistic Prorgrammers.

A certified Fitness Hypnotist™ (CFH) is a specialist in the area of body transformation. The CFH™ has a strong, foundational knowledge of how the bodymind functions. The CFH is trained in the specialized arts and sciences of: hypnosis, NLP, exercise physiology, and clinical, and holistic nutrition for the purpose of body transformation.

The ideal candidates for CFH™ are already certified hypno-therapists or certified NLP practitioners. The training is (2 days) 16 hours live.

This is where your certification will happen:

Certified CFH Tuition: Only $885

As a Certified Fitness Hypnotist™ You’ll Learn Over 2-Days:

  • How to systematically assess a client’s emotional eating needs & habits.
  • Why most direct suggestions fail with weight loss clients (and what to do instead).
  • Specialized NLP techniques for resolving inner conflicts to weight loss.
  • Motivating hypnotic suggestions for new eating habits.
  • Motivating hypnotic suggestions for new exercise habits.
  • The meta-physics behind The Law of Attraction as applied to body transformation.
  • Essential nutritional science principles for body transformation.
  • Essential exercise science principles for body transformation.
  • Medical issues that complicate weight loss, and how to address them.
  • Psychological issues that often trigger weight gain.
  • How to use a theory of motivation from Harvard University, for weight loss clients.
  • How to elicit specific motivations and values with NLP.
  • How to market, and attract prospects, and turn them into paying clients. One or two clients will completely pay for the certification training.
  • Access to the Emerge™ the 60 - day, online hypnosis weight management bootcamp!

The Certificate That You’ll Earn!

About Your Instructor:

John J. Farley is the original Fitness Hypnotist™. John has an associate’s degree from Broome Community College, a bachelor’s degree in physical education/adult fitness from Cortland University; a master’s degree in physical education from Teacher’s College, Columbia University, and a doctor of applied sports psychology degree from OPI, (now called Wexford University). He has completed several Ph.D. courses through The Union Institute & University. John has a certificate from Harvard University Medical School in MindBody Medicine. He was the youngest person to earn a hypnosis certificate with Mike Tyson’s personal hypnotist, Mr. John Halpin. He’s earned several other hypnosis certificates with famous, and respected instructors such as: Dr. Daniel Lutzker, Gil Boyne, Anthony Robbins, and others. He’s also a certified NLP practitioner personally trained by John LaValle, president of The Society of NLP. John J. Farley has also been personally trained and certified by NLP Co-developer, Dr. Richard Bandler in a course called: NLP as an Application of Hypnosis. At Teachers College, Columbia University, he was one of the last students of Dr. Marlin Mackenzie, the creator of the Meta-Skills Model of Sports Counseling (Psychology) — the only NLP based system taught at an Ivy League university. John is also a trained professional stage hypnotist! His shows have been seen by enthusiastic audiences from teenagers to adults.

John J. Farley was the in-home, and in-club personal trainer to several television and film professionals, as well as vice presidents, presidents, and CEO’s of several large corporations in New York City, including billionaire David Rockefeller, Sr. and wife of the famous Rockefeller dynasty.

John J. Farley organized the first live sports psychology certification in 1998 with the leaders of the field including: Dr. Bruce Ogilvie, Dr. Don Greene, Dr. Tom Tutko, Dr. John Bowman, Dr. Joan S. Ingalls, and others. John is an accomplished martial artist, and karate black belt under the world famous Master Hidy Ochiai. He won both regional, and national karate black belt sparring championships (AAU, and USAKF respectively).

Television, Books & Courses: In 2000, John J. Farley produced, and co-starred in the television pre-pilot used for what became NBC’s The Biggest Loser reality television show. John has appeared on ABC, NBC, PBS, and the worldwide infomercial mega-hit, 6 Second Abs. He’s written several manuals for fitness professionals, and two books so far: Living Lean, and his memoir, The Satisfaction. John J. Farley is the creator of Emerge™ the online, hypnosis, weight management bootcamp.

His presentation style is conversational, friendly, challenging, and occasionally dramatic! John J. Farley is also a certified fire walk instructor having been featured on ABC’s Good Morning America. He has hypnotized women, and men to walk barefoot over broken shards of glass unharmed. He believes hypnosis offers a process to release imposed limitations, and unleash human potential.

Enroll Now With A Downpayment of Only $100 (non-refundable). The balance of your certification is due 30 days before the live training.