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What is Hypnosis & Hypnotism?
Here are a few representative testimonials of individuals we’ve worked with.   This will give you an idea of the various people who have used our services over the years.  
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"Before I came to see John, I had a lot of stress, head and neck pain and many worries. Throughout the hypnotic sessions with John I was able to identify what I really want employment-wise, relationship-wise and lessoned my worries about my children. I am now more relaxed, focused, content and have more opportunities employment-wise. My friends and family have noticed the changes in me. I am more confident in myself, what I'm worth and know exactly what I want. It was only a little over a month and I feel I am a completely different person. I feel my life is limitless!!"

- Beatriz
“I can’t thank you enough for having faith in me, John, and getting me started.”

- Linda Lee (62.5 pounds lighter, 60 something years young)

(Note: Linda had a traumatic past. With a hypnotic solution she overcame the multi-decade issue and her life took-off in the right way!)
"Before working with John Farley, I was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 24 years and tried everything to quit. I was skeptical, but I am absolutely THRILLED that it worked the moment I stepped out of my session with John. I have not had a cigarette nor wanted one for 231 days and 21 hours, but who is counting! I was so happy with my results that I also worked with John on my fear of flying, next thing I knew I was flying to Vegas for my destination wedding with ease and comfort. I cannot say enough about how great I feel now since working with John, and plan to work with him further on my fitness/weight loss!

Thank you John for helping me live a healthier, happier life!"

Lea (Gonsalves) Heatherly – Northern, California

(As of 2011 Lea is a non-smoker for 2 years and is saving, on average $2,184 per year. So is her husband. He also quit at OPI Hypnosis Center).

Most common phrase we hear: “It’s the best thing I’ve ever done!”
More Confident using the hypnosis program.

"The visualization is helping me change my diet very easily" I've been feeling stronger and more confident. The music is very relaxing on the CDs and I’m finding it an effective relaxation before bed….”

- Daphne Sarran –Northern CA

15 Pounds Gone with the hypnosis program.

"When I first heard of Dream Body, I thought…not for someone who’s almost 60. But I’ve actually started to see a change. I changed the picture I have of myself. I think I've lost 15 pounds since I started the program. And people are starting to notice; they’re saying, ‘wow, Linda, you’re looking better.’"

- Linda Curtis – Santa Clara, CA

(Note: Linda lost weight, and also found the love of her life all within 6 weeks. When she started to feel good about herself, her life rapidly changed.)

18 Pounds Gone!

"I've lost 18 pounds." "It gave me the motivation to say, 'let's get started.'"

-James Martin – Northern CA
Rachel –
A picture is worth 1,000 words.
– Northern California


80 pounds melted away

Trish Lukins released 80 lbs on her 5’ 11’’ frame in 9 months.
At the start. Feeling bad, stressed out and needing a change.

“You Re-made Me.”

- Dr. Bill Polf, NYC (25 pounds lighter)

(Note: Dr. Polf changed his diet, lost weight, felt better physically and soon found the love
of his life…and married her.)

Released 15 lbs. (Yes!)

-Allison French, Campbell, CA
Released 20 lbs. and changed his life with a lifestyle program.

Steve Rubin, President Henry Holt Publishers, NYC; also
publisher of Dan Brown’s mega- book, The Da Vinci Code.

Helen released 4 lbs. in one week after working with John.

- Helen Pollard – 4 lbs gone soon after hypnosis.

(A successful hypno-therapist and executive, Helen wanted a little help.)
8 Pounds Gone Easily!

“I know it is not even a month....but I weighed myself today and I released 8 pounds....

WOW!...Better yet , I am not hungry, not deprived and not punishing myself. I don't know how many times I have said that but THANKS !!”

- Pankaj – San Jose, CA
- Calms Her Entire Week!

“I am looking forward to more hypnosis. It calms my entire week and makes me feel committed to continuing my efforts. Thanks again for your support … and for a brilliant hypnosis program.”

- Sherie Linford – Tracy, CA
“What You Are Teaching People is Life Changing.”

A private client of John’s, Ben experienced a lifestyle program.

- Ben Sherwood, author of The Survivors Club and The Man Who Ate the 747, Charlie St. Cloud and former senior producer for NBC’s Nightly News with Tom Brokaw.
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Tricia reduced 30 pounds in 16 weeks easily and automatically.
(And she's still slimming down!)

Listen to what the Legend, Jack Lalanne, the Godfather of Fitness, said about John Farley