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What is Hypnosis & Hypnotism?
  • Lose Weight
  • Quit Smoking
  • Reduce Stress
  • Improve Sports
  • Public Speaking
  • Sales Success
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Weight Loss without the struggle:

If you find yourself eating for emotional reasons or you have picked-up bad habits you want to break, then hypnosis is the way to go.
Weight Loss:

Even if you’ve failed many of times in the past… even if every diet you tried was just another disappointment — you CAN lose weight!

Find out how hypnosis is easy, safe and effective for weight loss, increasing your self-esteem, and your health and happiness, too.

Ours is a Step-by-Step System for Burning Body Fat Fast.

(Hypnosis is not sleep, yet you’ll feel alert and refreshed!)

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Quit Smoking:

Can’t seem to kick the cigarette habit? Tried various methods that haven’t worked? Call and watch how fast you quit.

Discover the easiest way to quit smoking and join the many happy, successful clients who quit smoking at
our hypnosis center.

Our 3-Step System for Quitting Smoking is fast and easy.
Stress Management

Completely s-t-r-e-s-s-e-d o-u-t-?
Overwhelmed to the point of paralysis?
Is life frustrating you lately?

Let us ease the strain fast at the OPI Hypnosis Center. We specialize in the latest hypnosis methods - like NLP — to quickly help you so you can get on with life!

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Sports Improvement:

Improve your sports success quickly. As one of the top sports psychology counselors in the country, you’ll learn how to get better faster. Teens to adults, from golf and tennis to mixed martial arts to ballroom dancing, contact us and become better now.

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